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Ambassador Paulette K. Broach is a multi-gifted world changer and has been equipping people to fulfill their destinies and maximize their potential for over 20 years. 

Highly respected by persons from all walks of Ambassador Broach reaches in the depth of her life experiences, draws on the knowledge and wisdom of them and pours out unselfishly into the lives of others.

Ambassador Broach is a Ordained Apostle, Ordained Minister, Teacher, Preacher, Certified Life Coach, Certified Corporate Finance Consultant and a 20+ year Successful Business Owner.  

Ambassador's Passion for People and her drive for Excellence will propel you to push to Be Authentically and Unapologetically YOU in a more excellent way.

Out of her Life pursuit and peaceful manifestation, Ambassador was give a divine inspiration 4 years ago to create a platform that she would teach others how to BE themselves, pursue peace and manifest purpose.  This is now Know as ADM - Ambassador's Distinguished Mentorship.  

This hands on mentorship will assist you in producing your Greatest You in every area of your life.  Walking in manifested Peace, Power & Purpose will be your portion.    



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