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Your support is important to our work at B. E. Community Development.   There are many ways you can contribute towards our causes, and every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission. Learn more about how you can get involved and take advantage of the opportunity to do some good.

Marriage Preparation

The Two Twain shall be One Flesh!  This is three (3) sessions that will help to equip you for a successful, enduring, happy & loving marriage.  It assist in helping you as a couple to understand how to "stay in your lane" therefore not causing any accidents, by setting proper boundaries and remaining out of offense.   These preparation sessions have saved countless marriages from the devastation of divorce, because they learn how as two twain to be one flesh.  

Leadership Mentoring 

We have strong leadership known for identifying, developing, equipping and releasing Kingdom Leaders.  Our Mentoring Program challenges you to take a active role in the rebuilding and developing of our communities.  It propels you to position yourself for purpose.  Mentorship is a safe ship to teach you not just how to man the ship but to navigate the course. 

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Women's Ministry

Join us in our one of a kind W.O.W. Sessions.  You will never be the same.  W.O.W. stands for Woman of WEIGHT!  A Woman of Wisdom, Excellence, Integrity, Greatness, Humilitity & Teachability.    We gather to be Empowered to be a WOMAN that effects her community by the Power of His presence flowing through her life.  This ministry will impact your very essence.  Dare to be a W.O,W,!

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College Ministry

This is just a time and place where we minister to those that are in 9th grade to those graduating from college.  We share in their world and help them make sense of life before fully entering life with all of it's responsibilities.  We desire that this ministry helps to equip them for Adulthood and gives them a  sense of confidence and a strong support system to help through them the rough stuff.

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Men's Ministry

Join us in one of Our Men of Barak (M.O.B.) Sessions.  You will be inspired by the power of voice of our men coming together to fellowship, support and witness to one another.  

Pastoral Support

We have trained, Equipped, loving and supportive pastors that are always ready to share in your highs and lows of life.  To give counsel, direction, guidance and sometimes just to be a listening ear.  

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Volunteer Groups

We have volunteer groups in four (4) states that would love to have your skill and expertise join them.  We believe in community and making a difference. 

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