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B. E. Community Development

A thriving community of people and we are enhancing the
Quality of Life in our communities by empowering others.


About Us

B.E. Community Development is a Faith-Based Organization committed to uplifting disadvantaged individuals. Our approach isn't just direct aid; we empower people to uplift themselves and others. We offer diverse programs spanning education, health, life skills, economic growth, elderly care, and housing. Founded in Dothan, Alabama in 2001, we're now active in five states with a base in Garland, Texas. Annually, we aid numerous adults and children facing varied challenges. Our community-rooted professional volunteers deliver programs fostering academic and personal growth. Collaborating with several local organizations and churches, we stand as a sanctuary for children and pillar for families, continuously enhancing community life through diverse services and partnerships.

Green Background of B.E Community Development

Discover the heart of B.E. Community Development in action. Our events encapsulate our dedication to empowering communities, offering both assistance and knowledge. Whether you're looking to participate, learn, or simply network, our array of activities is designed to inspire, inform, and involve. From workshops and seminars to fundraisers and community outreach, there's always something happening at B.E. Community Development. Dive into our world, and let’s make a difference together.


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