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B. E. Community Development

"We endeavor to provide education and
empowerment to individuals, enabling them to
elevate their life experiences to a more productive


Orange Background of B.E Community Development Logo

B. E. Community Development knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives & Lives.


​We are a 501(c)(3) Faith Based Outreach & Community Development Organization that provides programs that enhance the lives of the disadvantaged who in return help us empower others to assist in the rehabilitation and redevelopment of our communities.  We do not just feed the hungry and clothe the naked, but we equip and train them to feed and clothe themselves and then teach others to do the same. 


Program areas include but are not limited to the following: educational, health and wellness, life skills and transitional programs, economic development, elderly care programs, and housing development.

We started serving in Dothan, Alabama and the surrounding areas in 2001 and are now active in five (5) states with our headquarters in Garland, Texas.   We have provided social services and continue to provide for hundreds of adults and children each year, reaching out to those suffering from poverty, family instability, low self-esteem, learning disabilities, senior low income, and so much more. 


Our volunteer staff of professionals knows the community well—we live here, —and we offer a variety of programs designed to promote improved grades, improved at home and in school behavior, physical health, social skills, family and community involvement, education and training, entrepreneurial and leadership skills, and spiritual growth.

We work together with dozens of community organizations and churches, including but not limited to "BE" International, LLC, Whigham Enterprises, LLC, Unisom Development, ACTS, and many more.  We are known as a “Safe Place” for children and a “Strength Place” for Families. 

​ We enhance the quality of life in our community by providing individual and family services, community programs, and partnerships with other organizations.

Our Story

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