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B. E. Community Development

"We endeavor to provide education and
empowerment to individuals, enabling them to
elevate their life experiences to a more productive


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B.E. Community Development recognizes that our impact extends far beyond mere words; it is defined by the tangible results of our initiatives and the transformations they bring to lives.

As a 501(c)(3) Faith-Based Virtual Community Organization, our mission is to uplift the disadvantaged by offering programs that not only provide immediate assistance but also empower individuals to become self-sufficient contributors to the betterment of society. We go beyond feeding and clothing the needy; we equip and educate them to sustain themselves and pay it forward to others in need.

Our program portfolio encompasses a wide range of initiatives, including educational support, life skills training, economic empowerment efforts, and community development projects.

Since our inception in 2001 in Dothan, Alabama, we have expanded our reach to five states, with our headquarters located in Garland, Texas. Each year, we touch the lives of thousands of individuals, addressing issues such as poverty, family instability, low self-esteem, learning challenges, low income, and more.

Driven by a dedicated team of volunteer professionals deeply rooted in the community, we offer a holistic approach to address various aspects of individuals' lives, promoting academic success, positive behaviors, physical well-being, social integration, family engagement, vocational training, leadership development, and spiritual enrichment.

Collaborating with numerous community organizations and churches, including "BE" International, LLC, Whigham Enterprises, LLC, Unisom Development, and ACTS, among others, we have earned a reputation as a trusted sanctuary for children and a pillar of strength for families.

Through individual and family services, community programs, and strategic partnerships, we strive to elevate the quality of life in our community, fostering resilience, empowerment, and collective progress.

Our Story

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